During our desk research about elderly care in The Netherlands and in particular in Rhenen, Blankcon made contacts with „Buurtzorg“. This organisation gives (medical) care at home to ill and/or elderly people, who need support in the daily life. This first contact has led to further communication. They told us about an international project with Cuba. It is interesting to see that the quality of life and life expectations are comparable with the Dutch situation. However, they do it with less money (also after a correction for the economic differences). What can we learn from Cuba?

In October, one of the staff from Buurtzorg Rhenen will join a one month study visit to Havanna. She will take a summary of the BRIDGE project with her, including some specific questions, prepared by Blankcon. After this visit, we will receive a report from her, with the answers on our questions.

Hans Blankestijn (Blankcon)

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