Creative cooking: young and old in the kitchen

On June 8, Eetbaar Ede (in collaboration with the European BRIDGE project) organized a cooking event in Buurthuis ‘t Laag in Bennekom. During this event, young people and older people cooked together ‘improvising’ and thought about making traditional Dutch dishes healthier and more sustainable.

The young people interviewed the elderly about their favorite dish and then made a healthy stew, a veggie burger and a sauce together. Experimentation and creativity were paramount. For example, consideration has been given to replacing meat with alternative proteins, such as lupine beans, tempeh and all kinds of nuts. Everyone was also very surprised how easily you can make a veggie burger yourself and how you can vary widely.

The various stews and burgers were tasted by the participants and they were delicious!

After this main meal, pancakes with fruit were on the menu for dessert. The various teams were instructed to also experiment with other types of flour, such as oat flour, spelt, corn flour and almond flour. This assignment also resulted in a delicious dessert.

Everyone went home satisfied and happy at the end of the afternoon. Young and ‘old’ have learned a lot from and from each other. This clearly leaves you wanting more! And it is almost certain that the participants will experiment a lot together in the kitchen in the coming weeks.

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