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Older people miss digital competences and feel not included in society. Contacts with the younger generation can be a solution, in particular when food is the connecting issue. Professional and voluntary care givers play in these contacts an important role and are the first target groups in this project.

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To improve educational and didactical skills from the staff from retirement homes and/or intermediate organisations in home care, including volunteers, related to the topics “active ageing” and “bridging intercultural, intergenerational and social divide”.

1. Improve knowledge and skills from professional and voluntary care givers, about trainer skills and using digital tools to increase digital skills of older people,
2. Improve digital skills of older people, leading to improved social inclusion,
3. Improve social skills from youngsters.


BRIDGE activities are described in 4 Work Packages (WPs)

WP1: describes the Project Management.

WP2: develops an intergenerational learning guide for educators and volunteers

WP3: develops a set of materials, under the umbrella: “Cooking as a perfect example to create a BRIDGE between generations”, including manuals for organising a cooking event, digital educational tools, such as formats for online cookbooks, both for educators and volunteers.

WP4: brings together materials from WP 2 and WP 3. Tools will be tested by the target groups, implemented, leading to the making and playing of food related cookbooks and finally to the intergenerational cooking event.

Photo: Pexels – Andrea Piacquadio

Results and impact

Staff and volunteers have improved their educational/training skills. Youngsters have more respect for the older generation. Older generation has improved digital skills and their social contacts.

BRIDGE will have impact on different levels.
– Better trained and enthusiastic staff in home care,
– Better trained and motivated voluntary care givers,
– Developed materials and other results (toolbox) will inspire other organisations, to follow the   
  project example,
– Older people feel better included in the 21st century, by improving their digital readiness,
– Youngsters will have better social skills and more respect to the older generation
This will be disseminated on local, regional, national and European level.

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