• 2 ears of corn
  • Olive oil
  • Salt


First you peel the ear of corn and then shuck it by levering a knife over the rows of kernels.

Next, you heat a little oil in a non-stick frying pan.

When the oil is hot, you pour in the corn to your point of salt. Stir until golden brown. Take it out and serve it hot.


Legend has it that the recipe for Tostons traces back to the picturesque town of Cocentaina in Spain. Generations of Cocentaina locals have cherished this dish, passing down its preparation method from one family member to the next.

According to the town’s lore, Tostons originated during a time of abundant corn harvests in Cocentaina. Seeking creative ways to enjoy this bounty, the townsfolk experimented with various cooking techniques until they perfected the art of transforming fresh corn into savory Tostons.

As the story goes, Tostons became a staple dish in Cocentaina households, often enjoyed during festive gatherings and community celebrations. The recipe’s simplicity and deliciousness captured the hearts and palates of locals, making it a cherished culinary tradition in the town.

Sustainability and healthy tips and tricks

  • Utilize non-stick frying pans to minimize the amount of oil needed for cooking.
  • Opt for organic corn from local farmers’ markets or farms.
  • Pair Tostons with nutrient-rich sides like a fresh salad or sautéed vegetables.
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